Welcome to my
portfolio & CV

Hi, I'm Oskar Dalgaard Andersen, a product developer with a specialization in interaction design and UX design and this is my online portfolio and CV.

About me

My passion is developing interactive products, where the goal is to create coherent and meaningful experiences. What really drives me is to design meaningful interactive products that allow for a good experience.

My perspective on designing is wicked; there is no perfect way of solving design problems, but still there is bad and good solutions to a problem. Iterative design process' and user involvement in the process is the corner stone of developing a good design.

I have specialised in interactive products both in my BSc. and MSc. in IT Product Development at Aarhus University. Interactive products for me can both be in the physical and digital world. My studies lead me to a semester at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven at the dept. of Industrial Design to develop my design skills and seek a new perspective and knowledge on design and development process'.


Feel free to contact me:

 +45 27 50 59 81
oa (at) oskarandersen.dk

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